My Portfolio

The Hilly Series
Brianna creates folk art that is fun and whimsical, with a little bit of funk. Sweet characters inhabit a charming hilly land. The delightful paintings are chock full of a winsome collection of houses, hills, hot air balloons, scarecrows, horses, dogs, cows and cats, kites, kids, and snowmen. Her use of vibrant colours creates an enchanting world that draws you in. Each scene is beautiful and moving; it is the warmth you feel that will cast a familiar smile on your face.   VIEW
The Cottage Series
Inspired by a fall trip to a cottage in Northern Ontario, Brianna began creating the Cottage Series of paintings, which where a collaboration of the woody cottage scenery, the pristine features of nature, the serenity of the atmosphere and her folky artistic expression. This series is an extension from The Hilly Series. VIEW
Recycled Artwork Method
One day while Brianna was painting and cleaning off her paint tray into the garbage, she thought to herself, what a waste; so instead of throwing out the dry pieces, she decided to start collecting them. This is what started her recycled paintings. Some pieces are nearly 100% constructed out of recycled paint with touches of fresh paint added for blending, shading and consistency. Other pieces are nearly full paintings with smaller areas containing recycled materials. This is a truly unique style of art. VIEW
Other Folk Art
This is a collection of Brianna’s other folk art. When she is not working on her themed series, she also creates sweet folk character paintings and small whimsical scenes. VIEW


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