“Hilly Helium” 2012

16″ x 20″ Acrylic on Canvas

Displayed in my home in a 3-piece frame.
Today is one of those days with such a glorious sky; it appears it must have been painted just for your eyes. The three kids take in the beauty and are loving the wind, which is perfect for their special balloon friends. Up atop the hill they have a perfect view of the landscape in the distance. The boy, all tough with his backwards cap, holds his favourite tough guy pet, the T-Rex. The girl, in her lovely white dress, not to be intimidated holds her favourite red balloon dog nearby, who guards her in the wind. With the string tied around his wrist, the youngest boy, all dressed up in his overalls, admires the little pink pig; his favourite part, of course, the springy tail that curls out the other end. The hardest at work; however, is the German shepherd who sits proudly, knowing it’s his duty to watch over the kids. He’s making sure none of those balloon animals get any ideas either.