“Hilly Meets the Highway” 2012

18″ x 24″ Acrylic on 2″ Canvas (framed)

Displayed in my home in a 2-piece frame.
Take a ride on the cra-a-azy train down to Toronto. This is often how I felt taking the Go train down to school in the heart of the city, and even more when living there for a couple years, after I graduated. I’m glad to be back living in a smaller city; but there’s no denying Toronto has its benefits. Planes and trucks; flying through and over. Cars; passing with beeps at all hours. The city girl, with her fancy white dress, walks her dachshund friend. While man’s best friend sits shot gun on the highway overhead, with the owner of a beat down classic truck passing the pink love bug; how fitting is that. The stars glisten, the tower lights blisten, to light the course for the policeman on his horse. The house on the hill contains excitement to soon fulfill. The home owner rushing on his bike to the hospital, in the middle of the night, scurries to greet his glowing wife. He had just enough time to gather some flowers for his spouse, and the balloon, well that’s to celebrate the baby he knows not much about. It’s yellow; after all, neutral for the boy or the girl he can’t wait to hold, wrapped in a little pink or blue blanket ball. Though the city may be wilder and more chaotic, the humans share all the same types of loves, with downs and up, up, ups.