“Hilly Happy Holidays” 2016

16" x 20" Acrylic on Canvas
Ahhh.....the simple days with no worries. Nothing in life to make one hurry. Only a scurry up a hill to slide right back down. The alleviation of thoughts...
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“Hilly Hankering Muse” 2016

12" x 12" Acrylic on Canvas
A rolling muse that moves me so. The love I ask to pose who never says no. A crook in her smile that I must paint. The twinkle...
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“Hilly Handstand” 2016

11" x 14" Acrylic on Canvas
Hold, hold, holding my smile. Can’t break or shake my grip. Feels like eternity, or at least, a very long while. Sure hope the wind won’t make me...
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