“Red Bear Cottage” 2012

16″ x 20″ Acrylic on Canvas

The array of colours forms a rainbow blanket backdrop to serve as the perfect complement for this red cabin beauty. The deer, startled by the mama bear walking nearby, decides that’s enough water for now, she’ll come back later when the sun goes down. It seems, in her alert state, someone else has caught her eye; maybe it’s you she’s gazing back at. The bright towel and country quilt hang to dry in the breeze, as the fire dances to catch its breath. The dock sits empty with the owner out on the canoe trying to catch some fish for dinner; that’s of course if the bear did not already clean out the lake. Mama bear is working hard, after all, to feed and catch up with her little one, carefully camouflaging himself up in the pine tree just up ahead where she can see him grasping tightly.