“Honeybear Cottage” 2011

16″ x 20″ Acrylic on Canvas

This painting is inspired by my vacation up to Huntsville at Harp Lake, and led to the creation of The Cottage Series. The cottage was named Honey bear. I had to include a baby black bear as I kept hoping to see one the entire time I was there.
The dog stands on alert mode over at the swimming dock. He’s spotted a baby black bear heading towards where his masters chair resides. No worries he’s on watch and that little black bear just likes his honey anyways. The fish jumps to try and taunt the bear, “ha, ha, just try it buddy”. The beautiful checkered blue quilt hangs to dry over the clothes line. The birch pops just next to the water. The calm waters reflection picks up every colour of the surrounding trees and sky overhead. The distinct red chair awaits company nestled by the fire pit. The windows glisten with shades of tree leaves dancing in the light. All is peaceful, calm yet dancing with vibrant colours that warm you up and pull you right in.