“Hilly Humbleness” 2012

16″ x 20″ Acrylic on Canvas

The humble family gets out of their sweet country home for the day and takes advantage of their peaceful surroundings. Mom slides downhill with her son while little Oscar, the dachshund, chases them along. Oscar’s convinced all that barking will slow them down. Their eldest son practices his shooting on the empty net, looking to be the next Gretzky, of course. Dad holds up his little girl while she attempts to keep up on her tiny skates. She feels safe in daddy’s hands because gravity wouldn’t allow anything bad to happen on that slippery icy surface, right? The cider is heating slowly on the stove, just waiting for them to come back in and enjoy. That should go nicely with the freshly baked apple pie waiting in the center of their harvest table. Dad can barely wait, he’s practically drooling, apple pie is his yum, yum yummy favourite; but the kids want to enjoy a little more of that fresh falling snow.