“Hilly Hold-up” 2013

11″ x 14″ Acrylic on Canvas

Woof, Woof, WOOF yipped, yapped, and yelped the dogs.

The mailman has learned his lesson, to never pass the morning fire hydrant crowd without his trusty red ball. The fresh painted hydrant occupied by the husky has also created a perfect distraction for the basset hound still focussed on holding. History tells us that since the beginning of mail delivery, this has been a tricky and complex relationship between mailman and dog. One with tricking, barking and of course a little scolding. Though surrounded by the pug and dachshund, he has secured his bag of mail for all the hill top neighbours to soon receive their…err…uh…cough…uh…oh yeah, important…yes, um, important bills.
He’s determined to fulfill his mailman duties, no matter what obstacles he may face.
He first has to get through this hound hold-up, so he can keep up his pace.
The postman knows, as much as their bladders make them hold in line and stay,
excited dogs will dash after a red ball at first sight of play.
Ready to do his wind up and followed up with a huge throw,
he’s prepared to yell to clear the path, “Fetch, catch, run, go, Go, GO!”