“Hilly Hinterland” 2013

36″ x 48″ Acrylic on Canvas

Stars twinkle extra bright up in the rural peacefully clear night.
The giant snowman on guard atop the hill watches over all.
To make sure to report to Santa who’s been good or not at all.
Santa ducks and covers, and dashes out of sight.
If nearby children only knew where, they would sure feel delight.
Sledding, treading and sleighing leave their trails in the white snow.
The people and creatures leave footprints and paws for all to see and know.
The forest animals have picked up a scent of magic and shifted gear.
They’re all heading towards something special they sense is near.
Maybe they’ll get a nice present that’s dropped from Santa’s sack.
Luckily he’s got extra cheer to go around that he always remembers to pack.
With a fire contained but unattended, Santa hopes to toast his toes.
And maybe warm up from winter’s chill to stop his runny nose.
Families unite for an extra special cottage Christmas trip.
Everything slows down for hot cocoa drinkers to indulge in every sip.
Decorated trees glow through the windows for all to see.
Woodland trees provide a beauty that can always just be.
Lights strung across balconies with bows and wreaths to cover doors.
To mark the occasion and celebrate what will soon be in store.
The milk and cookies are already prepared and set up on a plate.
While the children stay up to skate just a little extra late.
Wooden docks are covered with this season’s easy rolling snow.
To encourage all the children to make more snowmen grow.
Dachshunds and raccoons playing side by side join together in awe.
Looking up at the pretty tree ornaments, one can’t resist lifting his paw.
Bears out of hibernation witness a winter shooting star.
The wandering mysterious fox and moose wonder where they are.
So much quiet, surrounding beauty for everyone to take in.
The bustling fathers and sons only notice whose hockey game it will be to win.
A nearby mother gently encourages her daughter forward to skate.
Santa in the back of her mind, she hopes her sugar filled cookies will all be ate.
The most peaceful of all are the lovers drifting onward always holding hands.
They know as long as they are together nothing can ruin their beautiful plans.