“Hilly Heartzscape” 2017

11″ x 14″ Acrylic on Canvas

Crowds of people gathered, taking their time to soak up the scene.
While light dances above through leaves swishing from the trees so serene.
Observers, buyers, and sellers of lovely things.
Canada handmade to sell in the park of Sarnia where all the birds sing.
Artwork, jewelry, clothing, home decor, trinkets and so much more.
Take a break from shopping, put down your bags to see what else is in store.
Get a burger, a sweet treat, or food from a truck.
Listen to the band where you’ll find yourself all day stuck.
Trees to lay under with a blanket, have a picnic for two.
Kids get their faces painted like the animals they see at the zoo.
An event with a great cause for all to enjoy.
Come by foot, car, bike, or on your boat, ahoy!
Fun for the family, or romance for lovers.
Glimpses of sails and boats that hover.
Trees and nature with beds of flowers.
Winding paths with fun shopping for hours.
Ducks swimming around ARTZscape by the Bay.
The view of the water ahead will make you want to stay.