“Hilly Hardwork” 2012

16″ x 20″ Acrylic on Canvas

The horse lazes around taking in the visual sights of the apple trees. He knows he can’t see the apples growing right? He’s content to relax while his owner is hard at work trucking that old red wagon up and down the steep hill, gathering fresh apples for the family. Looks like he might have piled up too many in his basket, they’re dropping out the back. The horse has it covered though, when he can muster up the energy he will be sure to head over and clean up those discarded apples that only he has spotted. It’s warm and sunny so the gentlemen is clever to wear that hat as he works away the day. He better take those clothes off the line when he heads home it looks like some of those clouds further away are carrying in some rain. The trees, apples and hot roof tops will surely enjoy the inevitable cool down that the approaching rain shower will bring.