“Hilly Happy Birthday” 2013

18″ x 24″ Acrylic on 2″ Canvas

Holy laughs! And good times at this little girls birthday party. She’s happy to be little miss center of attention. The clown was off to a rough start so he’s busted out the dog balloons now to real this tough audience back in. Big sis is in the kitchen just tasting the cake to make sure it’s alright first, of course! Meanwhile dad appears to be burning the hot dogs and burgers again!!! Mom’s run off to the store quick to get the candles so she can light their wicks. Her little brother so not to be left out was allowed one friend over to play with in the half working sprinkler. While one of the birthday girls friends is contemplating whether she really wants to give up that gift she holds or not, don’t worry she decides… yes, yes she will indeedy!