“Ghost Busting” 2018

4″ x 12″ Acrylic on 2″ Canvas

A small folky ghost busting scene; a must to capture my first love for Halloween. This is an homage to my affection for the Ghostbusters. The first film to spark my imagination and open my eyes for thrills, scares and lots of laughs; oh, and my first crush for a man named Bill. It was the first movie that my older brother and I played repeatedly. From the first time we watched and we were enamoured till the end, we rewound the VHS to play it immediately after again. From the moment I starting working as an artist full time, Ghostbusters accompanies me in the background everyday. With the visuals of Bill Murray, Slimmer and the gang so clear in my mind, I can hear the music, their voices and picture the scene while I focus on painting. If I’m down or up the Ghostbusters can always lift my mood up and connect me to my childhood. Of course now, when Ghostbusters ends, the next thing I play Is Ghostbusters 2.