“Country Road” 2011

24″ x 36″ Recycled Acrylic on 2″ Canvas

This piece is special to me as it is my first recycled piece which took 6 months to complete. Aside from the canvas this piece is nearly 100% recycled material. There are thousands of dry recycled, hand torn paint remains that are hand glued to make up this beautiful and dynamic image. Pictures do not capture the vibrancy, nor texture and due to the large size; it was more difficult to emphasize this. Fresh paint was added for shading and blending on the front and the sides were fully painted to carry on the flow of the image without distracting from the front.

At the 2012 Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts, 32nd Annual Juried Art Show in Collingwood, this painting was selected and displayed, along with many other talented artists. All juried pieces were displayed for the full month of April.