“Hilly Horse-Drawn Sleigh” 2012

16″ x 20″ Acrylic on Canvas

Old Baldy stands tall and sturdy as it casts a familiar imprint on all those who pass it by. No matter what time of year it always feels the same. The fields, with bare butt apple trees however, seem to be missing their usual zest of colour, as they contend with the beauty of each winter’s blanket of snow. No way is the white chill going to spoil anyone’s fun though. No matter how light or fresh the dusting may be, the kids are already out and about and getting along wonderfully. The big brother pulls his little sister along, showing much patience as her small feet have gotten just a little too cold with those tiny bits of snow that crept right into her itty bitty booties. The kids are on their way back home because they have been playing all day; but it looks like this horse and sleigh ride is just on their way for an evening of romance in the beautiful snow covered orchard that lies beneath the big, big hill.